Back in January, 2019, I did these projects many years ago as a requirement to obtain my IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

About This Certificate

  • Certificate name: Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Certificate URL:
  • Issued by Coursera
  • Authorized by IBM

I have been awarded 13 badges on obtaining this certificate


What Credly tells about me

The badge earner is ready for a career in data science with demonstrated ability to solve for real-world problems. They can apply Data Science methodology - work with Jupyter notebooks - create Python apps - access relational databases using SQL & Python - use Python libraries to generate data visualizations - perform data analysis using Pandas - construct & evaluate Machine Learning (ML) models using Scikit-learn & SciPy and apply data science & ML techniques to real location data sets.

Earning Criteria

Complete all courses in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate program on Coursera (includes quizzes, hands-on assignments and projects), and earn the following badges:


American Council on Education CREDIT

This credential has been successfully evaluated by the American Council on Education for college credit. It is recommended for a total of 12 college credits. For more information about ACE Learning Evaluations, visit


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