DC Form Flipper


DC.FormFlipper is a COM based component that allows you to Support Eastern Language , we support right to left application by changing alignment to right and orientation by flip form horizontally 180  

DC.FormFlipper may be used with any  developing language support COM based application like Visual Basic,Visual C++,Borland C++,Delphi and others ..

EgyFirst has done a lot of work for you. no need to waste time , designing your form again to support multi languages and eastern languages application you design one form and we design the other by flipping it for you


If you develop multi language application or eastern language application , you must get DC.FormFlipper Only one  Line to add in your Form_Load event  and we will flip the form with all its controls for you  additionally , you can define alignment (Right 2 Left or Left 2 right)

Note: It is recommended to use DC.FormTranslator with DC.FormFlipper


Dim FF as DynamicComponents.FormFlipper()

FF.FlipForm(Me, True) ' Flip form ,so it is right 2 left orientation

First image show orginal form

Second image show form after flipping it horizontally 180

System Requirements

DC.FormFlipper runs as a COM class for Developing with Visual Basic.Net under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ 2000 or Windows XP.

Installing DC.FormFlipper

The DC.FormFlipper setup program will automatically register the DC_FormFlipper10.dll file on your system.

There is no need to manually run RegSvr32.exe on your development system.

Including DC.FormFlipper

To include DC.FormFlipper in your project

  1. From Project menu select add reference
  2. Push Browse button to locate your DC_FormFlipper10.DLL file which by default located in c:\windows\system32  , now the specific DLL included in your references

Deploying DC.FormFlipper

The only file needs to be distributed with DC.FormFlipper COM applications is DC_FormFlipper10.dll

this file should be copied to the WinSystem directory which by default is C:\Windows\System32

How to Use:


We support eastern languages Arabic , Chinese and so on

so we support right to left alignment and orientation , we rotate form horizontally 180


Function FlipForm(ByRef dm_Form As System.Windows.Forms.Form, ByVal Right2Left As Boolean)


FF.FlipForm(Me, True) ' Flip form, so it is right 2 left now

Note: It is recommended to use DC.FormTranslator with DC.FormFlipper**


This tutorial describe most of features supported by DC.FormFlipper

also you can refer to the project  example which installed by default into C:\Program Files\Dynamic Components\Form Flipper\Tutorial\

Dim FF As New DynamicComponents.FormFlipper()

Dim CN As New ADODB.Connection()

Dim oCust As New ADODB.Recordset()

Dim oAccess As New Access.Application()

Dim DAO\_DBEngine As New DAO.DBEngine()

Private Sub TestForm\_Load(ByVal eventSender As System.Object, ByVal eventArgs As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

'establish DSN

oAccess.DBEngine.RegisterDatabase("DCDM\_Nwind", "Microsoft Access Driver (\*.mdb)", True, "DBQ=" & VB6.GetPath & "\Nwind.mdb")


oCust.Open("Customers", CN, oCust.CursorType.adOpenKeyset, oCust.LockType.adLockOptimistic)


FF.FlipForm(Me, True) ' Flip form ,so it is right 2 left 

End Sub