DC Image Button

System Requirements

DC.ImageButton runs as a COM class for Developing with Visual Basic.Net underMicrosoft Windows 98/NT/ 2000 or Windows XP.

Installing DC.ImageButton

The DC.ImageButton setup program will automatically register theDC_Image Button10.dll file on your system.

There is no need to manually run RegSvr32.exe on your development system.

Including DC.ImageButton

To include DC.ImageButton in your project

  1. From Project menu select add reference
  2. Push Browse button to locate your DC_ImageButton10.DLL file which by default located in c:\windows\system32 , now the specific DLL included in your references

Deploying DC.ImageButton Applications

The only file needs to be distributed withDC.FormFlipper COM applications is DC_FormFlipper10.dll

this file should be copied to the WinSystem directory which by default is C:\Windows\System32


This function enables you to assign icons path for button image , additionally ,you can assign a motion for each button if you put second parameter to true


Function PrepareImageButtons(ByVal ImageFullPath As String, ByVal Motion As Boolean)

where ImageFullPath parameter is the path to your button icons and Motion parameter determine if you want assign a motion to your button icons or not


IB.PrepareImageButtons("C:\MyApp\Icons\", True)

where "[C:\MyApp\Icons](file:///C:/MyApp/Icons/)" is the path to your button icons and you detrmine your buttons to has a motion action

  • Buttons without Motion

  • Buttons with Motion


Assign icons for every button state , when mouse over , mouse down , mouse up


Public AddImageButton(ByRef ButtonName As Windows.Forms.Button, ByVal img_MouseLeave As String, ByVal img_MouseEnter As String, ByVal img_MouseDown As String)

where img_MouseLeave parameter is the icon appear where mouse leave button and img_MouseEnter parameter is the icon appear where mouse over the button and img_MouseDown parameter is the icon appear where mouse pressed


Dim IB As New DynamicComponents.ImageButton() IB.AddImageButton(Me.FirstButton, "first.ico", "firstover.ico", "firstdown.ico") IB.AddImageButton(Me.PreviousButton, "previous.ico", "previousover.ico", "previousdown.ico") IB.AddImageButton(Me.NextButton, "next.ico", "nextover.ico", "nextdown.ico") IB.AddImageButton(Me.LastButton, "last.ico", "lastover.ico", "lastdown.ico")

  • Buttons without Motion

  • Buttons with Motion