DC Num2Text


DC.Num2Text is a COM based component that convert numerical values into words in 4 languages For example, the numerical value 7431285.46 would be translated into the text

in English will be: Seven millions , four hundreds and thirty one thousands , two hundreds and eighty five dollars and forty six cents

in French will be: Sept millions , quatre cents et trente un milliers , deux cents et quatre-vingt cinq euro et quarante six cents

in German will be: Sieben Millionen , vier Hunderte eins und dreiكig Tausenden , zwei Hunderte fünf und achtzig euro sechs und vierzig cents

in Arabic will be:

the most useful use DC.Num2Text is with Cheque Production Systems and finical reports in business application .

EgyFirst has done a lot of work for you. You define your number and we translate it to your preferred language.


for Now DC.Num2Text can convert your number into 4 languages (Arabic-English-French-German)

but we are looking to get feedback from our customers and we will prioritise the our development efforts based on customer requirements.

Just :email us with your language & concept used in counting with several examples.


Dim oTextNum As New DynamicComponents.Num2Text()

dim strNum as string

strNum = oTextNum.TranslateNumber("159584.58", Num2Text.Language_ID.English) // translate into English

System Requirements

DC.Num2Textruns as a COM class for included in any developing langauge support COM based application as Visual Basic , Visual C++ , Borland C++ , Delphi and others ..

Installing DC.Num2Text

The DC.Num2Text setup program will automatically register theDC_Num2Text10.dll file on your system.

There is no need to manually run RegSvr32.exe on your development system.

Including DC.Num2Text

To include DC.Num2Text in your project

  1. From Project menu select add reference
  2. Push Browse button to locate your AppProtector10.DLL file which by default located in c:\windows\system32 , now the specific DLL included in your references

Deploying DC.Num2Text

The only file needs to be distributed withDC.Num2TextCOM based applications is DC_Num2Text10.dll

this file should be copied to the WinSystem directory which by default is C:\Windows\System32

TranslateNumber Function

TranslateNumber is the function responsible for translating numbers into proper language


Public Function TranslateNumber(ByVal str_Number As String, ByVal Lang As Language_ID) As String

it takes 2 parameters first parameter is number wanted to translate second parameter is language ID where 1 mean translating into Arabic Language 2 mean translating into English Language 3 mean translating into French Language 4 mean translating into German Language


dim strNum = TranslateNumber ("49562854",3) // translate into French language

SetCurrency Function

SetCurrency function enables you customize your currency

default currency used by English language is Dollar , while Euro is default currency for French and German Languages , and is default currency for Arabic Language


Public Sub SetCurrency(ByVal str_Currency As String, ByVal str_CurrencyUnit As String, ByVal str_CurrencyPlural As String, ByVal str_CurrencyUnitPlural As String)

this function takes 4 Parameters first parameter str_Currency is your customized currency in single first parameter str_CurrencyUnit is your customized currency unit in single first parameter str_CurrencyPlural is your customized currency in plural first parameter str_CurrencyUnitPlural is your customized currency in plural



when you use TtranslateNumber function , result may be something like that four hundreds and twenty one pounds and twenty three piasters


This tutorial describe all features supported by DC.Num2Text

also you can refer to the project example which installed by default into C:\Program Files\Dynamic Components\Num2Text\Tutorial\

dim oTextNum As New DynamicComponents.Num2Text()

dim strNum as string

oTextNum.SetCurrency("Dollar", "Cent", "Dollars", "Cents")

strNum = oTextNum.[TranslateNumber](##chmtopic8)("159584.58", DynamicComponents.Num2Text.Language\_ID.English) // translate into English